The Power of SIMS

The Power of SIMS

Do you know how to make the most out of your SIMS data?

Did you know…?

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  • In SIMS Interventions you can record student support initiatives, and then use the data to track the best performing and most cost-effective of these. A perfect way to report to Ofsted on your Pupil Premium spending.

  • You can easily identify under-performing students and take appropriate action, whether it is their attendance, behaviour or assessment. Let us show you how to do this using the analytic power of SIMS Discover.

  • You can personalise your SIMS Homepage with statistics at a glance, be it persistent absentees or a poorly performing maths set. Work will work with you to provide easy access to the reports and tasks you need every day, helping ease your workload.

Your SIMS Core software includes all of this in one place for your school, from Attendance to Assessment, from SEND to Personnel.

Contact IBS Schools for your FREE SIMS Health Check to find out how SIMS will help you save both money and time.

IBS Schools SIMS Update Seminar

We are a long-established local support team, with strong links to the Local Authority, we work proactively to ensure that you know how SIMS will help you tackle the challenges of the changing education environment.

Join us at our next SIMS Update Seminar to find out more. This event is FREE for schools with an IBS Schools SIMS SLA.