Remote Access Solutions - Foldr

Introducing Foldr

Bring your cloud and on-site storage together in an easy-to-use interface. Access, Edit, Share, Manage & Search from any device.

Runs on everything
In a browser, or virtual drive in your Windows and Mac environments, you can use Foldr pretty much anywhere.
Don't forget mobile devices
That's right. Foldr also works on smartphones and tablets with its own dedicated apps. It can also be rolled out as part of your MDM solution.
Share files with your students
Need to share files with your students? You can share files or web bookmarks via links or folders, giving them access to what they need to see.
Set deadlines
Distribute coursework and create Folders for work hand-ins with a deadline - once the cut-off point has passed, students can no longer hand in their work.

The safer way to share
Share resources with peers and students. Share items can be either public or private, perfect for sharing resources with parents and sensitive internal documents alike.
School Governor packs
Tired of having to print tons of copies of information packs for governor’s meetings? Share packs of information easily and efficiently with external users. Users still need to log in (for security reasons), but gone are the days of hundreds of pages of the trees!
Shared devices
Options to automatically sign out of the Foldr app once your students are finished using their shared devices.
Embedded files and folders
Create external sharing links that embed folders in your webpage - useful for Policy documents, or any files that change regularly that you want to appear on your website.