Cloud Services - Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Using Microsoft's products and IBS Schools' staff expertise, we will setup and configure Office 365 to implement your school's current solution. IBS Schools staff will work with you from initial consultation, through each element of the installation, to ensure the process is quick and simple.

"Your go-to Office anywhere"

Office 365 provides your staff with access to their information from your school, their home or their mobile and will give:

  • A familiar and intuitive mail interface from any browser as well as through the Outlook client on your computer.
  • Online calendars to enable you to manage your busy schedule as well as shared calendars so all your school staff are up to date with your school’s calendar.
  • Online web apps for all your Office applications (including Word, Excel and PowerPoint) for making quick changes to any files in the cloud.
  • 1TB of storage for each user including both staff and pupils, enabling them to store files of any type without using your school's local storage space. This eliminates the requirement for portable drives with the additional benefit of reducing the risk from introducing viruses to your systems and protecting your data from loss.

No need for extra licenses

Office 365 does not have any on-going costs for your staff and pupils to use it in your school. Additionally, if your school has a Microsoft Volume Licensing agreement then this can be linked to Office 365 which will allow your staff and pupils to download the latest version of Office at home.

Training options

IBS Schools provides additional training and support to ensure your school is able to make the best use of all the functionality within Office 365 straight away. We also provide on-going support to ensure you are always up-to date with the latest services from Office 365.

Pricing and installation

Prices start from as little as £350, however this is dependent on your school's individual circumstances.

Please contact us for further information.