Backup Solutions - Synergy

IBS Schools is pleased to offer Synergy Cloud, a fully managed cloud backup solution for your school servers and desktop computers. Synergy Cloud has been designed to be easy and intuitive to use at an affordable price point.

Simple, secure online backup

Synergy protects your precious files by keeping a copy safely online, in the cloud. It's hassle-free and completely secure. We have multiple synergy storage bandings to choose from so you cans select the storage that’s just right for your school, giving you the best possible value.

Keep your files safe

With Synergy you can be sure your files are safe and secure. We keep multiple copies of your files, so you can get to them at any time, and we encrypt them with military-grade encryption, so that they are completely private. Only your school have access to the data, with the added support of IBS Schools to ensure the backups are working correctly.

Need more storage?

IBS Schools can instantly assign more storage to your account if you find your running out of space and with the easy to use Synergy Restore program installed on your server you can instantly recover deleted or edited documents up to 30 previous versions.

Pricing and installation

Our simple pricing model allows you to choose the best cloud backup solution for your school, no matter what the size. Installation can be carried out by your Peritech or alternatively by an IBS Schools Technician at a cost of £70. This installation also includes training on how to manage the program and recover files.

  • Server Bronze
  • £105
  • Annually
  • Storage: 512GB (1 device)
  • Server Silver
  • £180
  • Annually
  • Storage: 1.5TB (1 device)
  • Server Gold
  • £360
  • Annually
  • Storage: 2TB (1 device)
  • Server Platinum
  • £640
  • Annually
  • Storage: Unlimited (1 device)
  • Admin Computer
  • £15
  • Annually
  • *Must have one of the server packages.

How to order Synergy Cloud

Please complete the Synergy Cloud Order Form.

Download Synergy installers

When ready, the Synergy installers are available in this installations file.