Backup Solutions

Your backups are your school's insurance policy for your data assets and are vital for the smooth running of your school.

Whatever else you do to protect your data, you should ensure you have a robust backup strategy in place. You will need to decide what administration, management, and pupil data needs to be backed up, and then review the range of solutions available. To give complete reliability your school should have two types of secure backup - off-site (cloud) and on-site.

Once you have backup solutions in place you should also ensure that your technical staff make regular checks to confirm that the backups are working, can be restored, and that you have fully captured all data that is critical to the smooth functioning of school life.

IBS Schools offer consultancy to assist in determining the best backup solutions for your school. Please contact us if you would like a consultancy visit. We can then quote, purchase and install physical backups solutions in your school.

We also have two software solutions which an increasing number of our customers are now using. Both are cost-effective and have different functions.

  • Altaro and IBS Schools offer a complete onsite backup solution designed around Hyper-V and VM Ware virtual appliances.

    Using sophisticated software and real-time monitoring, we are able to fully backup a server, allowing the recovery of single files and folders on a granular level, through to disaster recovery, at an affordable cost.

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  • Synergy Cloud offers the complete encrypted backup of files and folders from servers and PCs, into the cloud which is safe, secure and easily accessible.

    In the event of a disaster, your data can be restored from our UK data centres, taking away the hassle of carrying sensitive data offsite and added peace of mind.

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